The exhibition at Deluge Contemporary included eight scale models (Aircraft, Tar Sands, Rock Fountain, Vancouver Special Sawmill, Holocaust, Cement Truck, Warhol/ Beuys, Troller) and 10 drawings
(graphite on drafting mylar; H 17" x W 22").

The models in this exhibition, although finished works in themselves, stand in for potential projects that can be realized at full scale using actual objects and materials: real things in real space. Most of the works in the show propose an analytic reflection on some problematic aspect of contemporary culture that either has or will become critical over the next century. Genocidal atrocity, unsustainable hydrocarbon production and consumption, industrial destruction of fish stocks, unregulated global concrete use, the loss of local manufacturing and physical-skill-based production are a small array of acute problems that will need creative and innovative responses in the coming decades, demanding collective and cooperative solutions.

These proposed projects, when realized as full-scale works, will become constant physical reminders of the actual state of things in the world. In this sense they will exist as mnemonics for an uncertain but hopeful future, reminders of larger social connections that are our shared responsibility, offering a point of focus for critical reflection and action.

Deluge, 2012
Models for the Public Sphere: Tar Sands, Aircraft, Holocaust...
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